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Mountain Cabin


Our efforts to support Peace, Conservation, Indigenous Culture, and History requires significant resources that are not sustainable through Rotary District Membership Fees. To sustain our ongoing efforts, we are encouraging member Rotarians and interested parties to donate through one time, monthly, or yearly contributions to the various funds supported by the Association.

General donations are made to support the operations of the association in any manner deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors. Restricted donations are made to support specific projects and will only be used to support these projects.


Donations to this fund are intended to support the core themes, mission, and day-to-day operations of the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park Association

This donation greatly helps our mission of spreading Peace across boundaries and throughout the world. Your contribution helps us to:

  • Continue to maintain the Rotary Peace Garden at Waterton Lakes National Park

  • Install a permanent Limestone Peace Pole, benches, and other landscape features.

Install recognition plaques and plaques containing selected statements about peace

This donation will provide support for managing the Annual General Meeting and Assembly at Waterton Lakes National Park in odd years and Glacier National Park in even years.


As we approach the 100th Anniversaries of the Peace Park conception in 2031 and dedication in 2032 we plan to offer programs that focus on peace, environment, indigenous culture, and history.  


Through your donation, we will be able to:

  • Recruit high level, international recognized key-note speakers,

  • Offer special activities and events,

  • Support scholarships for Rotaract, Interact, and Youth Exchange attendees.

Change the world by promoting Peace, Understanding, and Humanitarian Practices


This donation will help to achieve our goal of establishing a Peace Center at the Wheeler Cabin in Glacier National Park. We will be able to:


  • Fund a Peace Pole monument at the Wheeler Cabin Location

  • Develop and produce educational materials for visitors to the Wheeler Cabin Peace Center

  • Support ongoing maintenance of the facility.


For more information about this project, please go to

Most online payment portals charge between 3% and 10% of each transaction. Our donations portal is supported by Zeffy. This online solution provides a free fundraising platform that allows us to keep every penny you give.

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