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WGIPPA is an association made of Rotarians in Districts 5360, 5370, 5390, and 5080. 


Any Rotarian in Good standing is a voting member of the Association.  The Association has a Directorship made up of representatives from each of these 4 Rotary Districts.  In 2018 the Directorship engaged in a Strategic Planning Process that led to the creation of Action Teams. 

The Action Teams are chaired by WGIPPA Directors, they are made up of Directors, Members of the Executive, WGIPPA Members, and those who are interested in contributing their time, talents and gifts to the action team of their choice.  These action teams are a wonderful way for we Rotarians, as people of action, to identify and attend to the next projects necessary. 

Here you see each of the action teams listed.  If you click on the links you will discover the mission statement of the action team, what they have accomplished so far, what their current projects are, and who is the current chair of the action team, along with their contact info.  It is our hope that you will become inspired by what you see and want to become involved with boots on the ground, as we like to say.  No matter your focus of interest, your talent, or your passion, we have an action team that would love to have you as their newest member. 


We look forward to working with you

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